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If your company is interested in partnering with us and sponsoring a TE Capstone project, contact us at or (610) 758-6582 to receive more information and an application packet.


Welcome to Lehigh University’s
Technical Entrepreneurship (TE) Capstone Program

Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone is a set of courses that allows students from any college at Lehigh to work with students from other disciplines on a real-world industry-sponsored project. Each project team has an advisor and, together with an industry mentor, follows the proven Integrated Product Development (IPD) process created by Lehigh University. The process begins with identifying a problem and from there formulates it into a business opportunity. The process encourages innovative ideas to generate creative solutions. The program provides the resources to fabricate, build and test the best solution for technical, social, economic and personal relevance and value. Undergraduates can spend two or three semesters on this project.

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The Baker Institute for Entrepreneurship, Creativity and Innovation at Lehigh University aims to foster the entrepreneurial mindset that leads to creating value in the world. It provides students, faculty, and alumni with access to the skills, resources and connections needed to enable entrepreneurial ventures to launch and prosper.

From the Director


Welcome to Lehigh University’s Technical Entrepreneurship (TE) Capstone program (formerly known as the Integrated Product Development (IPD) program).

As the program’s founder and director, I am proud of the recognition we have received from the National Academy of Engineering as one of the nation’s best programs for real-world experiences in capstone courses. Our roughly two dozen industry sponsors and mentors are key contributors to our success.

Our advisors, senior peer mentors, faculty, and staff form a team of more than 30 individuals who guide our novice teams through the product development process, helping each student develop the knowledge, creativity, and entrepreneurial mindset needed to compete in today’s global markets.

As you may know, Lehigh’s TE Capstone program is unique in that it is truly interdisciplinary and is open to all undergraduate students, regardless of major. My goal as program director is to provide all of our 200-plus students with the culture, habitat, and resources needed to solve real-world problems through innovative products and services.

So, whether you are a student, alumnus, industry sponsor, local entrepreneur, or student entrepreneur, we welcome your participation and I hope that in the near future you too become part of the Lehigh TE Capstone experience.


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John B. Ochs
Director, Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone
Professor, Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics
Lehigh University

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