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If your company is interested in partnering with us and sponsoring a TE Capstone project, contact us at or (610) 758-6582 to receive more information and an application packet.


The TE Capstone program has several tenets including:

  • Innovation is the engine that drives economic growth “Innovate, automate, emigrate or evaporate!” (Lee Iacocca Lehigh Class of ’45)
  • The greatest opportunity for innovation occurs at the intersections of disciplines!
  • Innovation is a process that can best be learned by doing it!
  • Experiential learning comes from engaging our students in real-world projects provided by our industy partners.
  • All projects require a global perspective through each stage of the Integrated Product Development (IPD) process.
  • Our industry sponsors represent established companies, local startups and student startups.
  • Diverse interdisciplinary teams applying creative processes and methods have the best chance for success.
  • Entrepreneurs are needed to lead these teams.
  • Lehigh University provides an environment where student entrepreneurship will flourish.