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Currently 18 team advisors are working with and mentoring students on 35 teams.

Team Advisors

The faculty and staff of the TE Capstone program and Baker Institute bring a wealth of experience and domain expertise to the study and practice of entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation. They are a dedicated group of professionals with backgrounds and ongoing practice in founding startups, venture capital, technology commercialization, deal brokering and technology management, invention, Intellectual Property (IP) protection, entrepreneurship-related governmental policy and successful exit strategies.

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Matthew Bilsky

TE Capstone TA and Graduate Team Advisor

Matt Bilsky is currently pursuing his Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering at Lehigh University. He graduated with a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with an Electrical Engineering minor in 2012, also from Lehigh University. He has owned and operated his own company, Mattcomp Services LLC, since 2003 offering property management, electrical, and computer services. A portfolio of his work can be found at

When not in the lab you can find him free skiing on weekdays and working college ski races on the weekends. During the summers he works as a river guide on the Lehigh River in Jim Thorpe taking groups of guests on biking, hiking, and rafting trips.


Erin Burton

Erin Burton graduated from Lehigh University in May 2015 with a B.S. in Bioengineering and a minor in Business. As a Presidential Scholar, Erin is currently continuing her education at Lehigh and will earn a Master’s of Science in Management in May 2016. For her undergraduate TE Capstone project, she worked with Stryker Orthopaedics to improve the knee replacement procedure.

After completing her master’s, Erin will work for a medical device and pharmaceutical consulting firm in Massachusetts.


Justin Carter

Justin Carter is currently pursuing his Master’s of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University, to be finished in June 2016. He studied Chemical Engineering and Integrated Business and Engineering as an undergraduate at Lehigh University. He has had several advisory roles on product development or entrepreneurial teams, having gone through the process on multiple occasions himself.

He has accepted an offer at W. L. Gore and Associates, where he will be headed upon graduating from his master’s program. When not at school, Justin can be found playing competitive Ultimate Frisbee, snowboarding, or reading an immersive adventure story.


Natalie Hahn

Natalie Hahn is currently pursuing her Master’s degree in Technical Entrepreneurship at Lehigh University. She studied diverse topics with her undergraduate IDEAS degree from Lehigh in BioEngineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Product Design. She also has experience with scientific research and additive manufacturing.


Sabrina Jedlicka

Assistant Professor in Materials Science and Engineering

Dr. Jedlicka joined the Lehigh faculty in January 2008. Her research interests focus on the fundamental interactions between mammalian cells and cell culture substrates. Specifically, she is interested in developing reproducible, stable biointerfaces that communicate with cells and ultimately modulate cell fate and function. Research in her lab is centered on the novel development of new implantable biomaterials, as well as a variety of characterization methods, including the adaptation of non-traditional methods to biological problems.

Dr. Jedlicka’s research areas include: biomaterials synthesis & characterization, neuroengineering, biointerface design, surface science, and neuronal cell biology. She holds a Ph.D. and MSE from Purdue University and a BSE from Kansas State University.



Mark Mahoney

Graduate Student Team Advisor

Mark Mahoney is currently pursuing an M.S. in Bioengineering at Lehigh University and will graduate in Spring 2016. He is currently working for an engineering startup called Technical Vision that he was introduced to during his Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone project as a consultant. When he is not at Lehigh or working, Mark can be found surfing regardless of the time of year.


John Ochs

TE Capstone Founding Director & Professor

John Ochs founded and directed Lehigh’s Computer-Aided Design Labs in the Mechanical Engineering and Mechanics Department from 1980 to 1999. From 1985-95 he did extensive industry consulting and was involved in the startup of three companies. From 1999 to the present, he has directed Lehigh’s Integrated Product Development (IPD) – now called the Technical Entrepreneurship Captone – program. What started out in 1994 as the capstone experience for mechanical engineering majors is now cross-listed in engineering, business, and arts with more than 300 students from over 20 majors participating each year. The pilot program for this course won the 1996 American Society of Mechanical Engineers’ curriculum innovation award and the 1997 Newcomen Society’s award for the promotion of America’s free-enterprise system. Ochs joined the Lehigh University mechanical engineering and mechanics faculty in 1979 and became a full professor in 1990. He has directed Lehigh’s Professional Master’s in Technical Entrepreneurship program since 2012.


Susan Perry

Professor of Practice in Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering

Professor Perry received her PhD in Biological Chemistry in 1992, from Penn State University, M.S. Hershey College of Medicine and spent five years at the National Institutes of Health, in the Section of Cellular and Developmental Biology, NINDS, before coming to Lehigh in 1998. Her active areas of research include cell differentiation and directed cell migration for application with bioactive scaffolds and BioMEMs devices. She is a Professor of Practice in Lehigh’s Department of Chemical Engineering and Bioengineering Program.


Lauren Purdom

Lauren Purdom graduated from Lehigh University in 2015 with a B.S. in Bioengineering. She is pursuing a Master’s of Engineering Degree in Technical Entrepreneurship, also at Lehigh. Through the Technical Entrepreneurship program, Lauren hopes to launch a company focused on making the lives of individuals with autism easier.

After years of intense courses and a research internship, Lauren learned that lab work was not how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She fell in love with the product development process while an undergraduate taking two semesters of Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone courses. It was through this that she found her place. Lauren wants to design products that will improve the lives of others.


Ohmny Romero

Ohmny Romero graduated from Lehigh University with a B.S. in Bioengineering, Mechanics and Materials and is pursuing a M.Eng in Healthcare Systems Engineering (HSE). As an undergrad, Ohmny performed thrombosis research in Professor Frank Zhang’s lab. He has an interest in healthcare and all things associated and volunteers at the Lehigh Valley Hospital. Over the summer 2015, he performed a project in the diagnostic care center to optimize flow of service.

Ohmny currently works as an intern at B Braun USA implementing sterility families for over 3,600 products. He is also an executive member of the HSE club, organizing events on and off campus to promote the program and teach interested students about the implications of systems engineering and healthcare. He wishes to use his skills and rhetoric to obtain an engineering position in the medical device industry.

Ohmny enjoys singing and was actively involved with Lehigh’s University Choir and Glee Club, the all-male chorus. He was also music director for student-run a cappella group “Off the Record,” and was a founding member of Lehigh’s premier barbershop quartet, “The Lambertones.” He currently sings as a choir member and cantor at St. Anne’s Church.

Brian-Slocum-headshot (1)

Brian Slocum

Managing Director, Design Labs

Involved in many aspects of Lehigh University, Brian’s primary role revolves around the act of making. In addition to managing Lehigh’s premier Makerspace, the Wilbur Powerhouse, he also serves as Director of the Lehigh University Additive Manufacturing Lab, and the Design Labs, which include both wood and metal shops. While his passion is helping students physicalize their ideas and teaching them how to think with their hands in addition to their heads, Brian also teaches courses in design, metalworking, prototyping, and design build and serves as a faculty advisor for the Technical Entrepreneurship Capstone program. Professionally, Brian has co-founded Isosceles Design Studio, LLC., a design firm specializing in custom furniture and architectural and interior design and also works as a design and manufacturing consultant for various companies both large and small.


Nick Strandwitz

Professor Nicholas Strandwitz completed his B.S. in Engineering Science at The Pennsylvania State University in 2004. He earned his Ph.D. from the Materials Department at University of California, Santa Barbara, with Professor Galen D. Stucky. After conducting postdoctoral work at California Institute of Technology working with Professor Nathan S. Lewis, he joined the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Lehigh University as an assistant professor in 2013. Dr. Strandwitz’ current research interests include new methods and chemistries in atomic layer deposition and interfacial electronic properties of semiconductor surfaces and interfaces.


Zion Um

Zion Um graduated with a B.S. in Bioengineering from Lehigh University in 2015, and is an alumna of the Global Citizenship Program. She is currently pursuing a Master’s of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship at Lehigh with interests in synthetic biology and biofabrication. Besides studying and working with microbial cellulose, she is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator.


Shannon Varcoe

Shannon Varcoe graduated from Lehigh University in 2015 with a B.S. in Integrated Degree in Engineering Arts and Sciences (IDEAS) with concentrations in Mechanical Engineering and Product Design and a minor in Entrepreneurship. She is pursuing a Master’s of Engineering Degree in Technical Entrepreneurship, also at Lehigh. Shannon has experience in product development through her own toy invention that she is currently working toward launching. She is also very interested in and excited about entrepreneurship at Lehigh and has been a part of many Baker Institute programs including LehighSiliconValley, the EUREKA! Ventures Competition, and the LaunchBayC summer accelerator.


Jessica Watson

In the spring of 2014, Jessica graduated from Samford University with her undergraduate degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing. Serving and helping others has always been a passion of hers, as well as coming up with ideas of products that will help people. Since she would love to be an entrepreneur, she knew that Lehigh’s Technical Entrepreneurship master’s degree program would be the perfect program for her. Fun Fact: she recently found out that there is another woman in her hometown with the same name as her.


Mark Wiener

Marc Wiener is a graduate student pursuing an M.S. in Mechanical Engineering at Lehigh University. He earned his B.S. in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from Lehigh University in 2015. Marc’s primary area of research is mechanism synthesis, and his thesis topic is the design of spatial mechanisms inspired by origami and paper art (artmimetics). In undergraduate TE Capstone, Marc’s team developed a spinal implant for Aesculap; in graduate TE Capstone, Marc’s team developed a concept for ergonomically superior crutches. Marc’s most recent industry experience was at Mack Trucks, Inc. in Macungie, PA, as an Engineering Co-op in the Quality Department. Outside of academics, Marc enjoys volunteering his time to community service activities and performing guitar and piano.