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If your company is interested in partnering with us and sponsoring an IPD project, contact us at or (610) 758-6582 to receive more information and an application packet.

Current Projects

2015 IPD Company Sponsors and Projects


AESCULAP: Controlled Pedicle Subtraction Osteotomy/Reduction Spinal Instrument
ANTIBIOTIC DELIVERY SYSTEM: Design and Optimization of an Antibiotic Delivery System
ANTIBODY PRODUCTION: Pharmaceutical Process: Monoclonal Antibody Drug Substance Production
ATS: Railroad Car Truck Improvement
B BRAUN: Simplified IV Therapy Integrated Pump
BIKE LOCK: Lightweight Bike Lock for High-End Bicycles
BIOFAB: Bioprinting Improvement
BROOKS INSTRUMENT: Manufacturing Process Improvement
DRAGER: Minimizing the Effect of Air & Ground Transportation on Neonatal Patients
DRESSER RAND – 1: Horizontally Split Casing Joint Design
DRESSER RAND – 2: Impeller Manufacturing Conversions
DRESSER RAND – 3: Spool Piece With Movable Inlet Guide Vanes
ECOTECH MARINE: Advanced Chemical Monitoring System for Marine Environments
FIBRILLAR STRUCTURES: Fabricate Oriented and Fibrillar Biomimetic Adhesives
FOODCUBE: Modular Food Production
GENTEX CORP: Hybrid Ballistic Helmet
GOBLIES: Dispensing Mechanism
INJECTABLE DRUG SHORTAGES: Developing Solutions to Quality, Manufacturing, and Economic Issues
ST. LUKE’S UNIVERSITY HEALTH NETWORK: Additive Manufacturing in the Health Care Industry
STACKABLZ: Educational Toy Improvement
STRETCHERX: Intellectualized Cell Stretcher
STRYKER: Bone Characterization

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