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Current Projects

2014 IPD Company Sponsors and Projects


AESCULAP: Occipitocervical Fusion Device
ARCHITREP – Hive Space: Office Space Design Solutions
B BRAUN: IV THERAPY UV-C light disinfecting Device
BIOFAB INNOVATION: Ink-Injection of Cells
CHICK MITT: Sanitizing Disposable Mitts
DRESSER RAND – 1: Low Flow Coefficient Impeller Manufacturing via 3-D Printing
DRESSER RAND – 2: New Materials Testing
DRESSER RAND – 3: Advanced Fillet Welding System
ECOTECH MARINE – 1: Frozen Fish-Food Feeder Project (Dispensing Mechanism)
GENTEX CORP:  Military Ground Helmet Pad Set Development
IMPOSSIBLE INCORPORATED: Construction Tool for Wiring Within Walls
INCUMAGIC: Medical Applications for Fingertip Writing Device
INGERSOLL RAND – 1: Ergonomic Modifications to Heavy Grinders
INGERSOLL RAND – 2:  Micro-power generation within pumps to power controls and communications
IPD – DEBUT Project – Infant and maternal health
IPD – DEBUT Project – Assistive Walkers
JOHNSON & JOHNSON:  100% Evacuation of Product From Packaging
OPTOS – Retinal Imaging Medical Device – Patient Interface Innovation
STRECHERX: Portable Cell Stretchers
STRYKER: Securing Cutting Blocks for Knee Joint Replacement
TE CONNECTIVITY – 1: Robot to Pick/Place/Package
TE CONNECTIVITY – 2:  Universal Gripper for Robots
UGI: Gas Meter & Regulator Standard Design with Aesthetic Gas Meter & Regulator Cover

2014 Project Description Brochure (interactive)

2013 Project Description Brochure (interactive)

2013 Project Description Brochure (printable)

2012 Project Description Brochure