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If your company is interested in partnering with us and sponsoring a TE Capstone project, contact us at or (610) 758-6582 to receive more information and an application packet.

Current Projects

2016 TE Capstone Company Sponsors and Projects


AESCULAP: Anterior Paddle Distractor
ANTIBODY PRODUCTION: Pharmaceutical Process: Monoclonal Antibody Drug Substance Manufacture
B BRAUN: Improved Flow Rate Control Device for Gravity IV Sets
CYCLIC SOLUTIONS – 1: Porous Capture Membrane Redesign for Scalable Manufacturing
CYCLIC SOLUTIONS – 2: Sample Pretreatment On-Chip
Systems Integration, Software Development, and Product Design
Novel Shoe Design
DRESSER RAND – 1: Diaphragm Fabrication Method/Cost Reduction
DRESSER RAND – 2: High Pressure Case Seal Design
DRESSER RAND – 3: Movable Return Channel Vane
ECOTECH MARINE: Aquarium Water Sensing and Dosing System
GENTEX CORP: Ballistic Helmet Adhesion Failures
HARBOR LIGHT SOFTWARE: Low-Cost Vessel Locator Device
IMPOSSIBLE INCORPORATED: In-Wall Hidden Obstacle Imager
JOHNSON & JOHNSON: Technologies to Ease the Care of Babies
KELPY: Kelp Chip Manufacturing
SMART CLIPS: Safer Cycling
ST. LUKE’S UNIVERSITY HEALTH NETWORK: Advanced Patient Modeling for Preoperative Planning
STARX: Developing a National Pollen Monitoring Network
STRYKER: Tritanium Cones Removal Instrument

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